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Granny Dating Sites



There are no age limitations for finding love. As per a 2017 study, around 20% of people above the age of 65 were still single. The numbers have certainly increased with time. However, even though we live in modern society, the concept of grannies dating in their late fifties is still considered a taboo subject. This is why most of them stay alone and lead unhappy lives.

However, with time, people are gradually becoming more open to the concept of relationships with women over 50, which has also led to the development of countless granny dating sites and apps. Delving into the dating world at this stage can be pretty overwhelming. However, do not worry, as I have listed the steps that will help you find your ideal partner online.

⭐ Granny dating sites in Canada

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Set up your online dating profile

For a start, your profile needs to be appealing. It should project your attributes as if you were describing them to a friend. However, do not elaborate too much. Keep information short and compact. While developing your profile, keep in mind what kind of older people you would like to swipe right on you. Do not try to be fake, just be the best version of yourself.

The profile picture is important

A profile picture is one of the most important parts while setting up a dating profile. It is the first thing that a person sees. They also decide to read your information based on your profile picture. You don’t have to create a complicated profile, and creating a simple one will get you what you want.

Try to avoid taking a selfie. Instead, make someone else take your picture properly. Make sure to flaunt your beautiful smile, and try to avoid using filters that would hide your ageing signs, such as wrinkles. It might seem like a good idea to hide these things, but it is not. You have to stay true to your authentic self. Lastly, make sure that other people are not in your profile picture, as many users may find it hard to identify the actual account owner. However, many people have made this mistake in the past.

Realistic expectations

You will find countless alluring and attractive profiles on the dating site. However, please do not get carried away with their perfect looks. Your target is to find the right one for you in all aspects. There is no such thing as perfect. Thus, you have to set realistic expectations to meet them, which might not be like when you were in your 20s. Weight gain, hair loss, grey hair, and wrinkles are common during this age. Additionally, it would help if you never made your choice based on these superficial attributes.

Be honest while communicating

You have to be honest and truthful while talking with the other person. Most people tend to create a fake online persona to impress others. If you do so, you attract people who are not your type, which ultimately ends up being a disaster. If you are unsure about a response, do not hesitate to ask your friend or close ones.

No reminder about her age

Do not use the g-word at any cost. Using the word “granny” would be a firm reminder of their age., which is something that older women hate. This is because no woman would like to be reminded that they have lost their youthful years. Moreover, this is simply disrespectful and embarrassing. Thus, to have a great time with her, communicate like you would with any other love interest.

Avoid thrusting your life’s baggage

Senior women have probably experienced a lot in their life. This might include a draining divorce, the death of a spouse, health problems, the responsibility of children and grandchildren, and so on. Thus, it is likely that they are still coping with the consequences of these negative instances. This is why they would not like to hear about another person’s baggage, at least initially. Thus, avoid your urge to reveal everything about yourself during the initial talking stage.

Which Granny Dating Site or App should you use?

Choosing the right granny dating site is of extreme importance. With the rapid increase in granny dating sites, deciding which to use has become rather difficult. However, I have extensively researched to help save time, and I can conclude that EliteSingles is one of the best in the market.



EliteSingles is the perfect dating site if you are looking for something serious. There are mostly middle-aged and senior users on this site. More than 80% of people here have a Bachelor’s, Masters’s or Doctoral degree. Thus, it is a hotspot for smart and intelligent adults and seniors.

Sign up

The sign-up process is simple. It might take around 15-20 minutes. This might seem like a lot, but it is essential to filter the serious ones. Moreover, there will be no more annoying empty and fake profiles which will save you time.


The platform has a strict and professional matchmaking system based on a personality test. While signing up, you will be required to answer certain questions that the platform would later use for matchmaking and compatibility. Some of the questions may be about the things you fancy the most in your life, including some personal information about you. Your responses are recorded and used to determine the perfect partner for you. While the site does not showcase the exact answers for the sake of privacy, it does show you the score results. It is a marking system from 1 to 100. Thus, the higher your mark, the more likely you will end up with that person. EliteSingles’ algorithm has matched countless seniors who are ready to date. There is nothing but positive testimonies in the review section.

Dating app

EliteSingles developed an app quite late. However, it provides a seamless experience on a mobile device, whether an iPhone or Android. You can sign up, create your profile, take the personality test, swipe and match on the app itself.

Premium Membership

EliteSingles has a free version where EliteSingles can do all the basic things such as matchmaking and compatibility results. However, you will be unable to view the profile photo of others or text them. Thus, you can experience all their features without restrictions in the premium version.